Photographer & Artist

Impermanent Spaces: Field Notes

‘Impermanent Spaces: Fields Notes’ is a collection of peripheral work that accumulated during the production of Impermanent Spaces. These are not as direct in their investigation of time, scale and landscape but instead focus on simply reacting to these littoral spaces. Beginning with the mobile phone images that began the project.

The instant images are field notes, photographic sketches to record the space as a whole and the conditions that day. Although never intended to be a body of work on their own, they developed into a small narrative of the locations, a documentation of both the individual character of each location as well as a reminder of the uniform aspects of coastal locations, the sea always reminding you of its constant rhythmic presence and its sublime power.  The cyanotypes are looser reaction to these places. Images made without a camera and by the elements of the spaces; sunlight, found objects, negatives of the coastline and developed in sea water.