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You know what the best thing about having creative, talented pals working in other mediums?
You get to see the awesome things they create.

Marquess is a project by Elizabeth Elliott, focusing on making fine handmade garments with a nod to historical styles and techniques. The collection she created for her MA collection was breathtaking in it’s simplicity and beauty. We’d been wanting to shoot it for a while and finally the stars aligned in December and we got the chance to finally document these garments.

This shoot was a dream, possibly one of my favourite fashion shoots ever and we had an awesome team to help bring this to life. Hannah was a great model, with the look and attitude to pull off being a modern day Goddess. She also deserves major credit for dealing with the cold so well despite wearing some pretty sheer outfits, she is a braver woman than I.

You can see the full set of images here

Designer: Elizabeth Elliott // Marquess Design
Model & MUA: Hannah Crystal
Assistant: Holly Moore
Location: Nunnsyard